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An immersion in the Romantic Paris of the 19th century

An immersion in the Romantic Paris of the 19th century

The Petit Palais has devised a great way of telling the story of Paris in the Romantic era. Following on from Paris 1900; the City of Entertainment, until September 15th this delightful art museum presents a large-scale exhibition-event that unfolds a vast panorama of the capital during the years of the Romantic movement, from the downfall of Napoleon to the 1848 Revolution.


Paris in a time of turbulence and artistic ferment

The early 19th century was a time when Paris experienced an urban transformation and profound changes in the political climate. Get ready to dive into a world of literary salons, bohemian life, popular entertainment and artistic effervescence by taking a journey through the districts that played such an important role over three decades. About 600 works immerse visitors in the feverish artistic, cultural and political scene of the time. Paintings, sculptures, objets d'art, costumes and furniture, in concert with an immersive scenography, will transport you from 1815 to 1848.

From the Palais des Tuileries, the last residence of the kings of France, to the theatres of the  Grands Boulevards, by way of the Nouvelle-Athènes district, the centre of Romantic era Paris, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, a building that inspired beautiful Romantic works, this incredible retrospective will take you to the heart of Romanticism.


The theatres of the Grands Boulevards

The exhibition traces, among other things, the opening of performance venues such as the Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin, Théâtre du Gymnase, Variétés, Palais-Royal, Théâtre des Nouveautés, Bouffes-Parisiennes and the Théâtre du Luxembourg, better known as the Bobino. The popularity of the theatrical arts was born with the new generation of poets and romantic authors such as Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Alfred de Musset and Alfred de Vigny, who emancipated themselves from the restrictions of classicism to overwhelm the reading public with their fresh approach.



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