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Gourmet delights; the Pastry Fair and the best pastry shops in Paris

Gourmet delights; the Pastry Fair and the best pastry shops in Paris

If gluttony is your sin, don’t feel guilty about it in Paris! Our capital is a tribute to French pastry, an art for which we are famed throughout the world. The talents of our great pastry chefs are celebrated at the Salon de la Pâtisserie that takes place from June 14th to 17th at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre. Read on as the Grand Hotel Saint-Michel tells you more and recommends some of the best pâtisseries in Paris.


A trade fair dedicated to sweet pleasures

© Salon de la Pâtisserie

The second edition of the Salon de la Pâtisserie promises to make your mouth water and put your taste buds in a turmoil. This tempting trade fair shines the spotlight on the skills of our finest pâtissiers and the tastes arising from our terroirs, offers a complete itinerary from childhood and the origins of flavours through to pâtisserie traditions and the French Touch, the art of patisserie, workshops and more. Master classes, conferences, tastings and demonstrations hosted by leading chefs await you, as well as a new ‘totally chocolate’ space.


Tempting treats from the best pastry shops in Paris

Our capital is defending its excellent reputation for pâtisseries rather well, judging by the excellent shops currently bearing witness to French excellence in this delicious matter.

At Cédric Grolet, the former Le Meurice pâtissier offers superb Paris Brest and some incredible chocolate tarts, and you will also be treated to other masterpieces and extraordinary trompe l'oeil fruits.

There’s also Pierre Hermé, international star pâtissier, who has opened 11 pâtisseries in Paris and made gourmet macarons his trademark, and Cyril Lignac, another star pastry chef, who offers a fabulous range of irresistible creations.

At Meert, you’ll taste the vanilla gaufres that contributed to the success of the famous and venerable pâtisserie in Lille. Discover them all today in Paris.



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