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Kiosquorama places the most beautiful Parisian parks in the spotlight

Kiosquorama places the most beautiful Parisian parks in the spotlight

You can enjoy the parks and gardens of Paris even more thanks to Kiosquorama. Throughout the month of September, this sustainable development promoting festival invites you to explore the most beautiful Parisian green spaces, where artistic and musical events are presented in the kiosques à musique (bandstands). Take advantage of the Indian summer in Paris this September during your stay at the Grand Hotel Saint Michel.


An eco-responsible arts festival

An event on a Europe-wide scale, Kiosquorama is particularly well-suited to the romantically picturesque bandstands of Paris. In these lovely venues, amidst glorious settings, you’ll be able to discover the works of young, passionate and fascinating performers and artists during afternoons of entertainment suitable for children and adults alike. Information sharing, and the raising of public awareness are not overlooked, either, as there are many workshops organised to educate the young about sustainable development, art and music. Broaden your horizons during your stay in Paris by exploring the most beautiful parks in the capital during Kiosquorama.


Discover these beautifully designed bandstands

Many are elegant and deliciously vintage, with their open domes and wrought iron arabesques. But the parks and gardens of Paris also boast ultra-modern bandstands with pure lines drawing inspiration from various sources. These kiosques à musique, so typically Parisian, add the perfect finishing touch to their surroundings. For Kiosquorama, they are brought back to their raison d'être; as venues for musicians and artists. The summer holidays are over, but you can give yourself and your loved ones an additional treat; an enchanting break in Paris. The Grand Hotel Saint Michel offers the idyllic setting for your stay, being extremely comfortable, having chic décor, and boasting the ideal location, in the Latin Quarter, on the fabled Left Bank.

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