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Our guide to the best Jazz Bars in Paris

Our guide to the best Jazz Bars in Paris

Paris has many legendary places where you can catch live jazz performances. If you’re looking for a night out with your loved one or friends to enjoy some hot or cool jazz, here’s a quick tour of our favourite jazz bars.


Rue des Lombards; the jazziest addresses

Jazz buffs and purists know about the Rue des Lombards (1st arrondissement), a true ‘street of jazz’ which hosts the best bars of its kind.

The Sunset/Sunside at no. 60, an iconic club since 1983, is one of the most popular in Paris. Jazz finds its true home here in a vaulted cellar worthy of the most famous New York venues. The biggest names on the scene have played this club. It’s electric jazz at the Sunset and acoustic jazz at the Sunside!

Drop by no. 42, the Duc des Lombards, an epicentre of jazz in Paris for 25 years, where you’ll find quality concerts featuring exceptional musicians. An intimate and authentic club with exceptional acoustics and a unique vibe!


Unmissable clubs for great jazz sessions

Wonderful as it is, the main artery of Parisian jazz that is the Rue des Lombards should not make us overlook such remarkable venues as Le Petit Journal Montparnasse, a club to delight  old school jazz buffs. Soul lovers, fans of great divas and brassy sounds worthy of New Orleans, this bar is for you!
13, Rue du Commandant-René-Mouchotte – 14th

You’ll find a similar retro ambiance in the Caveau de la Huchette, a club designed like a cellar where you’ll be plunged back into the jazz glory years of the 20s.
5, Rue de la Huchette – 5th

Finally, don’t forget Les Disquaires. Each night this popular club is electrified by the sounds of American jazz, soul, funk, and samba. The night continues with DJ Sets. Arrive early to grab a good spot.
4-6, Rue des Taillandiers - 11th



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