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The Hasard Ludique; trendsetting in the 18th arrondissement

The Hasard Ludique; trendsetting in the 18th arrondissement

A hybrid cultural space that’s a combination of a club, concert hall, bar and restaurant, the Hasard Ludique is a lot of fun. You can listen to music, attend shows, participate in workshops, eat or have a drink. Discover the many delights of this converted former railway station.


Entertainment above the rails

Saint-Ouen railway station, built in 1889, was forgotten and abandoned until rescued by three young Parisians with ambitious plans in mind. One collaborative crowd-funded project later, the building is now completely renovated, having received a new lease of life as a trendy, welcoming, multi-purpose space with a railway platform that’s been turned into a terrace. It's a safe bet that you will love this friendly place where an effervescent and vibrant atmosphere prevails, whether the occasion is a concert, an exhibition or a workshop.

The place provides a, pardon the pun, platform for creatives and a venue for DJ sets. Various activities for adults and children are scheduled as well as creative workshops, theatre or wellness sessions. On Tuesdays the happy hour lasts all evening.

The Hasard Ludique currently hosts no fewer than 300 events per year (concerts, club nights, parties, themed events, shows for young audiences and more) and about 600 courses and creative workshops.


Savouring and sipping at the Hasard Ludique

The former railway platform turned terrace is a lovely spot to enjoy some fresh air. Inside, the Hasard Ludique holds to its promise to delight the taste buds of visitors via a tempting and fresh cuisine and a bar that opens 6 days out of 7; Tuesday through Sunday.

Designed to accommodate 140 people, the Hasard Ludique offers a gourmet menu plus a simple lunch menu and tapas in the evening. Brunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area and feel a little parched in this warm weather, drop by and quench your thirst from the selection of craft and local beers!



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