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The ice cream parlours of Paris are refreshingly original

The ice cream parlours of Paris are refreshingly original

The glaciers (ice cream makers) of Paris offer the perfect delicious refreshment when the temperature rises. But thanks to an abundance of arctic artisans and icy innovators the capital can offer you much more than just the standard, everyday cone of vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Whether you’re enjoying summer in the city alone, with family or with friends, you’ll want to check out what it has to offer by way of inventive and sometimes extravagant ice cream. The Grand Hotel Saint Michel reveals all.



At Nitrogénie you won’t find yourself in front of a display counter in which numerous flavoured ice creams are waiting to be put into a cornet or pot. However, this glacier does offer several flavours with intriguingly promising names: Pavlova Pash, Granny's Apple Pie, Chocolate Oreo Cream, Italiano Tiramisu... The list is long. But every week, Nitrogénie selects 8 flavours that are sure to surprise you. The preparations are placed in a tray and you choose the one that tempts you. In no time at all, the glacier freezes the cream with a burst of liquid nitrogen. Instant ice cream produced before your very eyes! Because of the innovative process and the unusual flavours, you’ll not soon forget your visit to Nitrogénie.



While enjoying your stay in the capital you must not miss the opportunity to discover the ice cream offered by Glazed. This glacier is considered the trendiest in the entire city. The flavours are as surprising as their names! The Grog ‘n’ Roll has many devoted fans. It’s a clever mixture of orange sorbet, whisky and chili which will give you a warm glow. Smoke On The Water is designed to give you a boost, too. With this one, Glazed combines vanilla ice cream made with beans from Madagascar and organic hemp seeds. Their Black Sugar Sex Magic is a must if you’re in Paris for a romantic break. A tasty chocolate sorbet is mixed with ginger and wasabi. Do you need another reason to go to Glazed? Then check out Cougar Hill, a wild blackberry and Côtes-du-Roussillon ice cream.



Everyone knows about ice cream in a pot or cone. But at Iceroll, they have come up with a truly special concept. The cream is spread on a plate cooled to -30 ° C. When you place your order, the server uses a spatula to peel the ice cream from the cold plate and make it into a roll. Even better; you can customise the contents of your ice cream roll. To begin, choose whether you prefer a traditional ice cream or a coconut milk preparation. Then choose your favourite flavour and select the topping. You’ll be spoiled for choice between fruit coulis, chocolate sauce, pistachio and almond flakes, pieces of fresh fruit, a serving of tart... Then slip into a quiet corner and savour the result. You’ll find this glacier in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.



At Spaghettina, too, it’s the shape of ice cream that has been completely reimagined. The classic scoops have been replaced by... spaghetti. This Italian-inspired German glacier can be found in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. The original Spaghettina is a vanilla ice-cream covered with a mouth-watering strawberry puree and sprinkled with grated white chocolate. The whole thing is arranged on a bed of Chantilly cream, which really does give the impression of a dish of spaghetti with tomato sauce. You’ll also be tempted by the other flavours on offer. The classics (chocolate, strawberry...) can be found here, as well as some originals (mirabelle, cinnamon-fig, mandarin...). There are over 30 flavours awaiting your delectation.

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